Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modern Imprint - SEO Services - Monthly Management

Search Engine Marketing Services

Having an impressive website is the first step to getting your business established on the web. The next step is to have people find you. Sign up for our cost effective SEO Plan and become visible online.


· Thorough Website Inspection: Identify Source Code Errors
· Proper META Tag Installation (Page Title, Site Description)
· Image ALT Attribute Placement
· Link Building Strategies - Backlinks
· Google Webmaster Tools Implementation
· Submission to Top Search Engines (GoogleYahooBing)
· Social Media: (FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTubeLinkedIn)

Your website may have errors and you don't even know it! Internal META elements are the cornerstone of your website. Having the correct META elements are essential to your website appearing on internet searches.

Do not get locked into a contract with a company that promises false guarantees. Our marketing services will fix any errors and optimize your website to rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing! Get realistic results and value for your investment with our cost-effective marketing plan.

*Monthly Management

We offer monthly management services to ensure your website stays highly competitive on search engine results!


· Social Media Page Updates
· Website Updates
· Oversee Google Adwords Account

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