Friday, July 12, 2013

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Good article about the impact of PR on SEO
In the old days of SEO, the impact of PR on page rankings was rather straightforward: It was all about building links. A good PR strategy centered around the goal of enticing just about anyone on the web to link to the company's site and/or press release.

Today's campaigns are in large part much more complex, thanks to Google's ever-evolving algorithms.
The current reality is that Google cares about the quality of content and credibility over a sheer volume of links and keywords. PR strategies must now cleverly incorporate the social stratosphere as well, leaving the two departments of SEO and Public Relations in a prime place to work together.

Successful SEO revolves around stellar content, and successful PR equates to an enviable network. Since SEO needs that network to thrive and PR needs great content to have something to crow about, the marriage of these two disciplines is now a no-brainer.

Networking and Citations: The Keys to Success
Many companies focus PR around two main areas: press releases and social signals. Both are critical to generating word of mouth, links, and overall buzz, but at the heart of success lies the quality of your network.

The first priority of any PR professional should always be networking.

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