Friday, May 31, 2019

Video Stats | Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Today

Stats show why video is important for your business | via Social Media Today

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Virtual Reality Marketing Trends in 2019

VR Marketing | MarTech Advisor

3 Unmissable Virtual Reality Marketing Trends to Win in 2019

1. Standalone Headsets Are Probably this Year’s Biggest Virtual Reality Trend

2. VR-based Native Advertising Will Become a Staple

3. VR Will Help Marketers Delve Deeper into Products

Social Media Marketing Tips

What Every Company Needs to Know About the Future of Social Media Marketing
  • Generating Leads Through Listening on Social Media
  • The Rise of Smart Algorithms
  • Increasing Relevance of Niche Influencers
  • Growing Popularity of Videos
  • Original Content Will Reign Over All Else
  • Marketing Through Transient Content

SEO Tips and Tricks | SEO 2019

Maximizing Social Media Traffic to Your Website

marketing land | modern imprint
Marketing Land says:

If your business doesn't have a social media marketing plan, contact us for a consultation. 

Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

7 Simple Tips for Improving Local SEO for Your Small Business
  1. Create a local business profile
  2. Collect new positive results
  3. Get listed on google my business
  4. Optimize your website
  5. Optimize title tags with your local keyword
  6. Title and meta description
  7. Have a mobile friendly and speedy website

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Social Media Marketing | Modern Imprint

social media marketing | modern imprint
RADIO.COM says social media can build your brand; create loyal customers; and build relationships with customers.

If you’re a business owner, contact us on how we can help build your presence on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms. 


6 Steps to Market Any Business | Neil Patel

Marketing For Small Businesses | Small Biz Trends

20 Incredible Marketing Best Practices Examples
  • Set Attainable Goals
  • Define Your Target Market
  • Establish a Clear Brand Identity
  • Have a Website
  • Use Facebook Advertising
  • Use More Than One Channel
  • Use Google My Business
  • Prepare for a Google AdWords Campaign
  • Be Mindful of SEO

SEO Tips For Google in 2019 | Modern Imprint

seo | modern imprint
Business 2 Community Published: Top SEO Tricks to Rank on Google in 2019 — Increase Social Sharing and Create SEO Friendly Video Content.

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Marketing Trends for 2020 |

4 Major Marketing Trends for 2020 and Beyond
  • Optimizing for on-SERP SEO
  • Advertising on smart speakers (and optimizing for voice search)
  • Optimizing for voice search
  • More chatbots and, yes, even more content!

SEO or PPC | Social Media Today

seo, ppc | social media today
Infographic: Social Media Today

Facebook Marketing Tips |

Great Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Post with Intent
Random things will not get you anywhere. No matter how big or small a post is, there has to be a purpose. In other words, you need to have a plan in mind, whether it will get a boost through ads, will be pinned, etc.

Blend in
The more effort you put into your content, the easier it will be to connect with the audience and grow your page. Thinking out-of-the-box, being witty and unique, providing engaging content and so on. This is what every creator on social media should strive for.

Create a Group
There is more than just pages on Facebook. Groups are wonderful if the community is growing all the time and there is a constant need for interaction between its members. Discussing under a random post from the page will not do, especially if somebody wants to ask a question and get an answer sooner rather than later. If you can encourage people to share things related to your page, the whole thing will blow up in no time.

Boosting Posts
A post is as good as the number of people it reaches. Boosting a post does not cost a lot of money, and it can end up being one of the best investments ever.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Modern Imprint | Social Media Marketing

modern imprint | social media marketing
According to Digital Doughnut the more social media platforms that you are visible on, the more potential customers you are likely to influence.
Business Owners: contact us for social media marketing services.

6 SEO Tips |


6 SEO Tips to Benefit Any Business
  • Monitor all changes
  • Create a clear site structure
  • Prioritize content creation
  • Focus on building both internal and external links
  • Delete anything that slows down your site
  • Always consider mobile first

Social Media Acronyms | Social Media Today

Infographic via Social Media Today

Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 | Demotix

digital marketing
2019 Digital Marketing Trends
  • Chatbots
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice Search
  • Personalization
  • Video Marketing

AI and SEO in 2019 | Search Engine Journal

Why You Need AI for SEO Success in 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing today.

A decade ago, AI was associated with robots, machinery, and complex sciences. It felt abstract and somewhat alien. It was a term that would more likely be associated with sci-fi movies, and a distant future.

Fast forward 10 years and AI has become a more familiar idea.

From using a self-check-out line at the grocery store to depending on item recommendations from Amazon, AI has evolved to become a staple in our everyday lives.

Today nowhere is this truer than digital marketing and SEO.