Saturday, March 10, 2018

Social Media Marketing Tips - Musicians, Bands

7 Essential Social Media Tips For Musicians And Bands

Bands and artists that cultivate a strong presence on social media tend to see significant opportunity in their ability to connect with industry influencers, and reach out to fans directly to sell music and merchandise. Here we detail seven key tips for growing on social media.

Musicians and bands that maintain a presence on social networking sites benefit immensely from the opportunities that social media presents. Through these sites, they can reach out to industry influencers, connect with their fans and sell music merchandise. If you have just formed a band or just decided to become a recording artist, here are some tips to help you grow on social media.

Keep it positive

Occasionally, you may find yourself tempted to post some negative things on social media. Resist that temptation. Remember that everything you put out online will be there forever. Therefore, you should try to stay positive and avoid making things personal. Remember, your fans are not your friends and they don’t know you personally. So, even when they say something you don’t like, try and spin it in a positive way.

Be easy to find

For a band or musician seeking to grow online, you should take your presence on each social network very seriously. Create pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc. and connect these channels to your music website. Use the channels to keep your fans up to date with what you are up to; tell them the song you’re recording in studio, the events you will be performing, and share behind-the-scene footage of these and other music events. Maintaining an active presence will make other fans who want to connect with you easily find you.

Don’t waste valuable space on social media profiles

In your social media profiles, use every space you have to advertise your band. The cover space for instance is an excellent place to put up information about your upcoming tours, a new music video you’re about to release, etc. Remember to also regularly change that header image with updates about the next project you’re working on.