Saturday, August 18, 2018

Video Marketing | Boost Website Traffic

Boost Traffic, Clicks, And Followers Using Video Marketing

Scroll on your favorite social media channel and you can surely see several videos instantly. While looking at those videos, you will notice some user-generated content, but there are also videos which various brands uploaded that feature their products or services.

Today, if there’s another strategy that marketers should utilize, it is no other than the so-called “video marketing.”

What’s with video marketing?

Humans are highly-visual creatures. Most of the time, we respond better to images or videos than to plain text alone. Given in figures, a research suggests that our brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

It doesn’t end there. Each time we try to remember something, a picture usually comes into our mind rather than the words associated with it. Visuals — particularly videos — stimulates our senses. With our sense of sight and sense of hearing working together with our brain, it can evoke an emotional response or appeal to our interests. In return, it can trigger us into action — or even a deep recognition of past events.

This reality opens opportunities to marketers to create deeper connections with their audience through video marketing.

This digital marketing strategy grows rapidly because of its capacity to bring ideas into life. It is a very powerful way of storytelling which, as mentioned before, evokes an emotional response. It’s either their audience can relate to it or it would make them want to get or experience what they have just watched. Video marketing is also an effective way to cultivate in the minds of customers the message of your brand.