Saturday, July 14, 2018

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality | Business Strategy

5 top use cases for AR/VR in business, and how you can get started

1. Create brand awareness

The report stated that companies that are looking to create "buzz" about their products can start with implementing AR. Companies can reach a large audience by showing off the technology during events, product launches, and ad campaigns.

2. Train employees

Immersive technology has proven itself to be an effective tool in training situations, according to the report. It can be useful in employee training by providing them with a close to real life experience to learn their skills and not have to deal with the cost consequences of mistakes. The report emphasized that this use of mixed reality (MR) or VR allows employees to learn by doing rather than by reading.

3. Test and learn customer needs and preferences

Customer satisfaction remains a top priority for most businesses, but testing more complex products can be a financial and logistics issue. The report suggests that implementing AR, MR, or VR could solve those problems. An immersive technology experience can allow potential customers to interact with a prototype allowing companies better insight on consumer preferences.