Friday, April 6, 2018

SEO Strategy - How to Improve Your SEO

Four Key Components Of A Successful SEO Strategy

Improving Your SEO

Let’s get into some specifics. Responsive website design is vital to a good user experience. When websites do not function well on smartphones, users will quickly leave the site to locate a search result that does. What’s worse is Google analyzes and records this user behavior. Websites with high bounce rates will lose their rankings and be kicked off of Google’s first page. If you’re a small business owner, you should request feedback right away from your customers. If they say your mobile website is confusing or unpleasant, you need to act immediately to remedy the situation.

The importance of having a good reputation is as old as time. As such, having a good online reputation is an indispensable asset to any business. Online reviews are the manifestation of a company's reputation, and they’re now the most significant ranking factor for local businesses. The reason companies with more quality reviews outrank companies with fewer or no reviews is because Google assumes that consumers would prefer to work with highly-rated businesses. If your company’s website is not ranking well, take a look at your reviews. Do you have a place for customers to leave reviews online? Do you have an effective strategy in place to acquire feedback from clients?

Finally, quality content distribution is another avenue for increasing rankings on today’s top search engines. For small businesses, the most beneficial type of content often comes from their own websites, blogs, social media posts, videos and newsletters. When companies produce meaningful content designed to truly inform and bring value to users, they enhance their website’s rankings. Companies that do not create quality content associated with their online presence are pulling the rug out from under themselves. Marketers and companies of all sizes alike should be laser-focused on producing genuine online content on multiple platforms.