Saturday, April 28, 2018

Social Media Tips | Social Media Strategy

6 Tips for a Better Social Media Presence

Launching a startup on social media needs patience and devotion. You need ample time and the right strategy to sustain a successful run.

Find someone skilled in creating content, who embodies marketing experience and entrepreneurship, to elevate your social media presence.

1. Write frequently.

We all have a multitude of nice things to say about something. Your startup is no exception.

If you want to, you can write a novel about your business. But keep the verbosity to yourself.

To build social media presence, less means more. Buffer found that Facebook posts with 250 characters or less receive 66 percent more engagement than longer posts. Also, tweets 100 characters or less get 17 percent more engagement than wordy posts.

2. Use the right hashtags.

Hashtags help cut verbose posts without losing the gist. With proper use, it also extends targeted exposure for your brand.

Tweets with hashtags have twice the engagement than tweets without it. But take note that the engagement will drop if you use more than two hashtags.

For instance, photos captioned with multiple hashtags are eyesores. Focus. Find the write keywords that deliver your message.

3. Choose visual over textual content.

Visuals trump textual content on social media. Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement. Tweets with images get 1.5 times more retweets than pure textual content.

The data is true for high quality images, videos and infographics. Try to post blurry, amateur photos though, and you may as well bid adieu to your engagement rates.