Saturday, May 19, 2018

Digital Marketing | Brand Strategy - Marketing and Retargeting

Build Your Brand with Marketing and Retargeting

In the world of digital marketing, the “Big 4” dominates—SEO, PPC, email, and social media. For these latter three, however, the remarketing and retargeting approach is underutilized and often pushed to the side.

Most digital marketing plans aren’t set up to fully use every means possible to target consumers, especially when it comes to remarketing and retargeting. We talk all day long about attracting new consumers to interact with our brand, but what happens after someone gets to know us? How do you market to people who know who you are already but haven’t quite booked yet?

This is where a proper remarketing and retargeting strategy can work wonders for a digital marketing plan and, without a doubt, increase your conversions and bookings! Back in the day, it was all about impressions, and if you could make the right person see your ad enough times, then eventually they would buy from you. (Think billboards.) Although that is still true, don’t you think we can be a little more tailored when it comes to the impressions that are made? The answer is yes, we can.

It’s funny how Amazon keeps reminding you that you were interested in that Egyptian cotton bed sheet set that you looked at two weeks ago, or that you left something in your cart and just forgot to buy it. Well, the same thing can be accomplished in the vacation rental industry, and its effectiveness is astounding.