Saturday, May 19, 2018

Website Marketing Tips - Page Speed, Optimization

How To Optimize Page Speed To Master SEO

Keyword research, engaging content and link building are at the top of everyone’s search engine optimization (SEO) to-do lists, but page speed is an equally important factor that is often overlooked. Marketers shouldn’t lose sight of page speed, as Google has been using it as a determining factor in search results since 2010.

Until recently, these speed factors were only applied to desktop searches. That will no longer be true after Google announced that page speed will be a factor for mobile search results beginning in July.

The following are some basic tools and guidelines to get you started on building a faster website that ranks higher and provides a better user experience for your visitors.

Establish a Baseline.

Before you start improving your page speed, establish a baseline to find out where the biggest opportunities are. Google provides a PageSpeed Insights tool that analyzes webpages and assigns them scores up to 100 for both mobile and desktop. It also suggests optimizations that can improve page load times.

Once a score has been established and opportunities have been identified, progress can be made toward blazing-fast load times.