Saturday, September 15, 2018

SEO Strategy | SEO Tips

Try These Three SEO Strategies For Best Results

1. Technical optimizations – can the search engine read your site and would a user have a good user experience on it?

In order for a user to have a good experience on your site, and for the search engine to know what the site is even about, your technical SEO has to be solid. Having clean code, optimized images and tags, proper indexation and sitemaps, is key for the search engines to be able to “read” it properly. Decent page speed is a must to avoid constant impatient bounces - a big red flag. The tags on-site are not just there to be stuffed with keywords, but to allow the search engines to understand what your site contains, and what information it provides to a user. These are the basics of SEO, but they will always be an extremely important foundation to build any sort of organic visibility.