Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Social Media Tips | Social Media Marketing

15 Simple tips to Spring Clean your social media pages

Spring has sprung and it’s as good a time as any to freshen up your social media pages. Because they play an important part in shaping your business’s image and attracting potential clients, it’s essential that they not be outdated or lacking in informative content and visually-appealing imagery.

Here are 15 simple tips to take your business’s social media pages into the new season.
  1. Change the passwords to each account, especially if they’ve been the same for a while now. According to psafe.com, leaders in mobile security, you should change the passwords of your important accounts at least once to twice a year.
  2. As an added measure of security, review the apps which have permission to access your pageand revoke access to those you no longer use.
  3. Update each page’s profile picture with your current logo. This should be in a square format so that no important elements are cropped out the thumbnail.
  4. Update Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn cover photos. This is an area where you can let your brand personality shine through by uploading a happy photo of your staff or a themed image that aligns with your upcoming content.
  5. Ensure brand consistencyby using the same profile picture and cover photo across all pages. Note that the header images will need to be adjusted slightly to suit each social media network’s recommended image dimensions.
  6. Update each page’s bioto include as much information on your business as possible. On Instagram specifically, you can now include hashtags within your bio to further increase your chances of being found by a relevant audience.
  7. Review each page’s business informationto ensure that it includes the correct operating hours, contact and address details - especially if your business is open to walk-in customers.
  8. Check all website linksto ensure that your followers are being directed to the correct website/s. Also pay special attention to your Facebook vanity URL, and edit this if need be to help people find your business page more easily.
  9. If you haven’t already done so, share your business story in Facebook’s “Our Story” section. This is an added opportunity to give your audience insight into your business’s history, vision, values, products and services.
  10. Haven’t got around to creating custom templates for your social media images? Then now’s the perfect time to create new social media image template/sto ensure that your timeline has a clean and consistent look.