Saturday, June 2, 2018

Blockchain Technology | Social Media Marketing

Blockchain Technology Trend: Will it Affect the Future of Social Media Marketing?

Whether you are a social media marketer offering services to businesses or a B2B or B2C entrepreneur using social media to reach clients, the blockchain technology is a trend which is set to rewrite the rules of the game.

How Blockchain Technology Has Transformed Social Media Marketing

As blockchain technology is disrupting a lot of industries, social media marketing is one among many sectors to feel the ramifications of this. Companies used to building brands on social media platforms should now realise bitcoin technology has changed the platform and how people network as well as how businesses and consumers use social media.

#1 Verified Online Identities

Now, social media channels are increasingly turning to new avenues for verifying online identities. With massive bot issues on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, marketing ROI is impacted negatively. Connecting with customers whose identities have been verified through blockchain technology and smart contracts is extremely useful for business owners who don’t want to carry out tone deaf social media campaigns based on fraudulent PPC ad impressions.

#2 Verified Marketplaces

Much like verified identities influence the future of blockchain enabled social media, verified marketplaces are changing the social media marketing scene too. Marketplaces are addressing specific needs and as blockchain technology becomes mainstream, business owners realise this technology’s immense potential.

#3 Leading the Way For the Future of Social Platforms

Combinations of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-enabled social media networks serve as a future of social platforms. Decentralised platforms will become commonplace, as social media users can choose which platform to network on. A crypto enabled social media platform that rewards you for making posts is one such platform.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain collectables are also influencing the future of social media. Significant interest in the crypto collectable sector is arising, with early movers raising millions.