Saturday, June 23, 2018

Customer Engagement | Marketing Strategy

11 Ways To Engage Customers In Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing can sometimes feel like a hamster wheel with all the work that goes into it to get results. It can even feel inauthentic if customers aren't directly involved in the process. But there are ways to change that -- marketers are moving toward marketing efforts that take the customer into account. This strategy helps customers become more enthusiastic about what your company has to offer.

1. Let the results speak for themselves.
If you are doing a good job supporting your clients or customers, they will become your best marketing resource. Potential clients and customers are much more likely to listen to a testimonial or look at results from a case study than they are to hear your sales pitch. Do good work and your clients will advocate on your behalf. - Charlie 

2. Engage with transmedia storytelling.
A great way of engaging customers in content creation/marketing efforts is through transmedia storytelling. By creating a game-like experience within which customers and prospects enter at multiple points, you can evaluate which of your channels is the best for reaching a particular audience. Because transmedia is dependent upon a choose-your-own-adventure method of storytelling, you can engage your audience through the most successful channels by having them vote on new storylines, new characters and new types of media. - Crystal WhiteLaunch Interactive, LLC 

3. Market your customers.
We love seeing the amazing images that our customers post of our products, and we make sure to share them back out whenever we can on our social networks and website. Not only do we recognize their appreciation, we also help market their businesses through our channels. When other customers see that, it motivates them to post their own images, creating broader marketing for us. - Sarah NunesVistaprint